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8 pemuda Terkaya Di Dunia

John Arnold, US

Age: 37
Worth: $4 billion
Used to trade oil for Enron. Now known as King of Natural Gas
Mark Zuckerberg, US
Age: 26
Worth: $13.5 billion
Co-founder of Facebook

Yang Huiyan, China
Age: 30
Worth: $3.9 billion
Was given 70% shares of Country Garden Holdings

Sergey Brin, US
Age: 37
Worth: $19.8 billion
Co-founder of Google

Larry Page, US

Age: 38
Worth: $19.8 billion
Co-founder of Google

Xiaofeng Peng, China

Age: 33
Worth: $2.5 billion
Owner of LDK Solar

Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Germany

Age: 26
Worth: $2.2 billion
Lives in Castle,Wealth Inherited

Fahd Hariri, Lebanon

Age: 29
Worth: $1.4 billion
On board of Beirut’s Future Television Network

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